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What to Expect When a Contractor is in Your Home

Monday, July 8, 2019

Majestic strives to provide the best remodeling service available to our customers. From our initial contact, to contract signing, and the project start time, you may be unsure of what comes next. If you are doing a little background research on our company before you get an estimate, keep reading! This blog will go over a bunch of important details about our process and company policies.

License and Insurance

Firstly, know that Majestic Home Solutions is licensed and insured under our Owner/President's builders license.  Our production coordinator has his own license as well.  The HR team always performs background checks on any employee and all subcontractors. We hire in those who we trust to do an outstanding job bringing skill and professionalism to the table. 

The Process

We have a seven step process that our project managers and production coordinators use in order to keep your project on track in our most efficient way possible. You can read more about what that entails here.

Construction Zone

During your project, don't forget that your home/room will be a mini construction zone! Our employees routinely remove the days trash and keep the area as tidy as possible. Always be prepared to see a little dust and some tools in your basement, kitchen or bath. Many of our customers choose (upon contract signing) to have their purchased materials safely stored in your garage for the time being. The garage is a large and relatively inactive part of your home which many prefer to keep their material in. Inside, Ram Board will always be installed to protect your floors from damage. 


Projects will run for several weeks to months depending on the type and scope of your project. A kitchen cabinet reface will take a mere fraction of the time it will take to complete a finished basement. Your project will require many different hands such as laborers, electricians, plumbers, master carpenters, and inspectors. Our Project Managers and overseeing Production Coordinator work hard to schedule everyone to be at your job at the right time. Schedule changes are rare, but when they occur we keep working through. Be aware that many of our schedule delays are caused by customer change orders or selection sheets that are completed late. We do allow change orders as we want you to have your dream home! Know that some materials take longer than others to deliver/make.


Schedules will rarely be exactly the same week to week, so on any given day be prepared for multiple workers to stop by or maybe even none. We should always be provided the garage keycode or be allowed to use a lockbox on your door in case you are not home for a schedule change or early inspection. When needed, Majestic will send out a crew on a Saturday or Sunday to ensure your project is running on time or early. Don't worry - at contract signing you can let us know which days your home will be absolutely unavailable to work on, like your daughters big sweet sixteen!


Majestic Home Solutions is transparent on all policies and we will never hide the fine print from you. If this post found you well, or maybe you're curious about a few other matters-reach out! We're happy to answer any questions via call, email, or message. Let's collaborate and talk about your project in a free in home meeting at your convience. 


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