Modern Features For Remodeled Bathrooms


Renovating a bathroom allows homeowners to elevate their space, and in the modern age, there's a variety of ways to do so. Whether you're looking for modern features that will help enhance your self-care routine, improve hygiene and cleanliness, or simply maintain a luxurious bathroom appearance, it all begins with your bathroom's design.

Majestic Home Solutions offers bathroom design services that help add value to Rochester Hills area homes. We work with you to understand your personal style and preferences as well as determine your lifestyle needs to help you create and bring to life the bathroom oasis of your dreams.

Upscale Features & Options

When it comes to modernizing and renovating interior bathroom spaces, there are an endless amount of luxury features available to be installed. With these upscale features, bathrooms are bound to reach the next level of relaxation and lavish style.

Heated Floors

In the cold Michigan winters, a heated bathroom floor can make for an unimaginably enjoyable hygiene routine. This feature can add an exceptional amount of value to your home and is incredibly easy to maintain over the years.

Towel Warmers

Available in both hanging bar and drawer designs, towel warmers make getting out of a hot shower easy and comfortable. They are an excellent product to elevate your self-care routine and can even reduce your amount of laundry loads by drying your towels after each use.

Modern Plumbing

In the modern era, there are more options than ever for your bathroom plumbing renovations. Spring for a sanitary bidet toilet, or sit in the lap of luxury with shower or bathtub jet features. Rainfall showerheads are one of the most popular choices for modern bathroom designs, and they don't break the budget to buy or install.


An excellent way to break up the space in your bathroom, partitions can be added to the outside of your shower or even between your toilet and vanity. These stylish dividers help increase the hygiene of your bathroom space while elevating its overall appearance.

Your Trusted Bathroom Craftsmen

For the Rochester Hills area of Southeast Michigan, there's no better choice for your bathroom remodeling project than hiring the professional team at Majestic Home Solutions. We've spent over 30 years as a home remodeling contractor, providing quality work and added value to local Rochester Hills homes. We offer a wide variety of modern bathroom features, such as single or double bathroom vanities, tile installation services, and functional designs.

To learn more about the modern features Majestic Home Solutions can provide for your bathroom remodeling project, call our team at 586-329-8574!