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Finish Carpenter

Majestic Home Solutions is a residential remodeling company that primarily focuses on interior renovations. Majestic Home Solutions has 30 years of building trust and quality in our customers’ homes in Southeast Michigan. Today, Majestic Home Solutions team focuses on finished basements, kitchens and bathrooms. Majestic Home Solutions team strives to have a since of pride and accomplishment of all work completed each day.


We do work in all of Oakland and Macomb Counties. Please be aware before applying that you must have a reliable vehicle to get to and from work.

Description of a Finish Carpenter:

At Majestic Home Solutions, we are looking for a Finish Carpenter. This person will be crewed with one to three guys on jobs to preform various finished carpentry tasks. This Finished Carpenter should have a mastery level in finish carpentry. This would include mastery levels in; Trim, cabinetry/Millwork, Stairs, and Wood/ Vinyl flooring.  A  Finish Carpenter at Majestic Home Solutions be able to lead a crew on a job efficiently and keep moral high.

Expectations and Objectives:

  1. Dependability and reliability
  2. Strong communication skills
  3. Leadership and management of scope of work
  4. Organized and clean professional appearance
  5. Quality and Speed in Finish Carpentry
  6. Able to train new guys 
  7. Going above and beyond expectation

Responsibilities as a Finish Carpenter: 

A Finish Carpenter will be working under the Project Managers at Majestic Home Solutions. The Finish Carpenters will lead a crew of one to three men in all our finish carpentry work. As the finish carpenter, it is the your duty to be able to bring quality and speed to completing each tasks. A finished Carpenter at Majestic Home Solutions must be able to have at least two skills in the secondary skill column (See Below). This insure one is well rounded and that we can have the finish carpenter do other things if need be. The Finish Carpenter must be able to train while completing tasks when need be.

Primary Scope of Work:

  1. Basic Trim: (Base, Case, Hang, Shoe, etc.)
  2. Advanced Trim: (Crown, Custom Post, Wainscot, Ship-lap, Barnwood Walls/Ceiling, False Barn Beams, Mantles, Barn Doors, Hidden Doors, Pocket Doors, Coffered Ceilings, Tray Ceilings, etc.) 
  3. Stairs: (Spindles, False Treads, Posts, Railings, etc.)
  4. Cabinetry and Millwork: (Cabinet Install, Hardware/Hardware Adjustments, Built-in's, Skins, Cabinet Trim, etc.)
  5. Wood and Vinyl Flooring: (Must be able to lay floor. Not a primary task but may come up once or twice a year.)

Secondary Skills: (Must have two additional skills from one of the following)

  1. Framing 
  2. Electrical 
  3. Plumbing
  4. HVAC
  5. Drywall 
  6. Paint and Stain 
  7. Ceramic Tile 
  8. Stacked Stone 
  9. Cultured Stone
  10. Thin Brick 

Qualifications Requirements:

  1. 10 Years Finish Carpentry
  2. 8 Years of remodeling
  3. Technology savvy (can work a smart phone, email and basic computer skills)
  4. High School diploma
  5. Truck or work van (reliable vehicle)
  6. Tools (for both primary and secondary tasks)

Wages and Compensation:

  • Starting hourly: $27.00/Hour payroll (30-90 Day Trial) ??
    • After 30: Up to $1.00/Hour raise
    • After 90: Up to $1.00-2.00/Hour raise
      • This can also include decreases if we do not see the value*** 
  • Holidays paid time off
    • 8 Hour day straight time pay
  • Gas paid:
    • Discussed upon interview
  • End of year bonus:
    • Minimum 3 months active
    • Exceptional performance record
    • Up to on 40 Hour work week bonus***
  • Retirement plan: Simple IRA
    • After 120-day evaluation
  • Personal and vacation time off (paid)
    • After 12 months guarantee


Work Schedule:

  • Monday - Friday: 7:45 A.M. - 4:45 P.M.
    • 30-minute lunch break (Paid)
    • Must Notify the Clients 15 min Before Arrival Via Phone Call/Text
    • Later stays expected when closing a Job.
    • 32-40 Hour work weeks
      • (Overtime will only be given if all tasks were completed ahead of schedule for the week.)
  • Saturday:
    • Only if given permission by the Production Manager


Our Process of Hiring:

  • Chris Roumaya (VP of Marketing and Operations) will reach out to the top 6 candidates through via email.
  • For those who respond will be given a 10 min ice breaker phone conversation to set up a interview time at our office in Troy.
    • We will also forward potential interview questions we will ask
    • Please bring a one-page resume
    • References
    • Pictures of current work
  • Interview Will be with Chris Roumaya, and potentially Alex Reschka (Production Manager) or one of the Project Managers of Majestic Home Solutions.
  • After all interviews are complete the top 2 candidates will be offered the position.

(Note: Majestic Home Solutions does do mandatory background checks. We cannot bring in anyone with a felony or not able drive legally.)



Application Instructions

Please submit your resume and application by filling out the form below or mailing to:

Majestic Home Solutions LLC
977 East 14 Mile
Troy, MI. 48083

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