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Lead Finish Carpenter

At Majestic Home Solutions, we are looking for an all-around Lead Finish Carpenter. This person will be doing various miscellaneous tasks in remodeling work. A Lead Finish Carpenter must be able to troubleshoot an issue(s) that arrive on a job and resolve in a timely manner. A Lead Finish Carpenter must be proficient in rough and finish carpentry. Lead Finish Carpenter's must understand and be able to tackle any stage of a remodeling project. Lead Finish Carpenter's at Majestic Home Solutions must be able to lead a crew on a job efficiently and keep morale high.


We do work in all Oakland and Macomb Counties. Please be aware before applying that you must have a reliable vehicle to get to and from work.

  • We do expect that a skilled individual applying for this position has one of the following vehicles they drive:
    • Truck
    • Van (Cargo or Sprinter) 
    • Truck/Van with Trailer
    • Connect/City (or similar)

Expectations and Objectives:

  1. Dependability and Reliability
  2. Strong Communication Skills
  3. Troubleshooting (and remedies to fix issues)
  4. Leadership and Management of Scope of Work and Interpersonal Relations
  5. Organized and Clean Professional Appearance
  6. Highest Quality in Performance of Workmanship and Craftsmanship
  7. Going Above and Beyond Expectation

Responsibilities as a Lead Carpenter:

A Lead Finish Carpenter will be working under the Project Manager (s) at Majestic Home Solutions. The Lead Finish Carpenter will work in various tasks from framing to punch-list items at the end of the job. Lead Finish Carpenters must have the knowledge to understand scope of work and be able to delegate and teach workers underneath them. Lead Finish Carpenters are a "jack of all trades" when it comes to remodeling and must be very efficient in rough and finish carpentry. We expect the Lead Finish Carpenters to keep moral high in the field and be able to assist the Project Manager (s) in the field to ensure quality control and setting up guys in the field. 

Finished Basement Projects: Lead Finish Carpenters will be expected to head off framing basements. This will include working with a Carpenter or General Laborer in setting up the job the first day (wall/floor protection, job boards, etc.). The Lead Finish Carpenter will also meet and complete walkthrough of the job with the Project Manager and Client. Other major tasks the Lead Finish Carpenter will be heading off in the basement is the finished carpentry end of the basement. This will include the final punch-list work at the end. Minor items may be installing vinyl plank flooring, tile/stone either in bathroom or accent walls, setting a shower pan, etc. Other items that may be asked during the project are measurements for design and office team, trim take-off list, and possible meeting's with inspectors, clients or subcontractors. 

Kitchens and Bathrooms: Lead Finish Carpenters will most likely be working on bathrooms from start to finish with some help from a lower lever Carpenter's or General Laborers. Lead Finish Carpenters will head off the scope of work from start to finish on most of the kitchens and bathrooms assigned. Larger kitchens and bathrooms may require licensed trades to perform work. The Project Manager will be at the Kitchen and Bathroom job over seeing progress and ensuring the project is running efficiently with the Lead Finish Carpenter. Lead Finish Carpenters may need to take measurements for the design and office team, trim take-off, and possible meetings with the inspectors, or subcontractors.

Scope of Work:

  • Demolition and Protection Prep.
    • Setting up General Laborers on demolition and project set-up. Larger demolitions we expect the Lead Finish Carpenter to head them off with Majestic team members assigned to the demolition. 
  • Finished Carpentry
    • Base, case, crown, stairs, cabinetry, etc.
  • Rough Carpentry 
    • We typically will have our Lead Finish Carpenters frame our basements. 
    • Can frame a basement (includes the fire blocking and draft stopping).
    • Understand metal ceiling grid (similar to drop ceiling).
  • Drywall
    • Hang, tape, mud, and sand drywall. Will not be huge projects but attainable to a one to two-man crew.
  • Paint and Stain Work
    • Priming or painting a wall/ceiling and touching up stain or paint.
  • Tile, Backsplash, and Stone/Brick
    • If anything, just repairs or finishing grouting or caulking.
  • Light Electrical Plumbing and HVAC
    • Be able to do minor handyman work if need be.

Qualifications Requirements:

  • 10-12+ Years Rough & Finish Carpentry.
  • 8 Years of remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms (interior work).
  • Technology savvy (can work a smart phone, email and basic computer skills).
    • We use Buildertrend software for our Project Management Program.
  • High School diploma.
  • Truck or work van (reliable vehicle).
  • Tools (all necessary tools for Rough and Finish Carpentry, Light HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical, Drywall, Tile and Stone, etc.).

Wages and Compensation:

  • Starting Hourly Rate: $35.00/Hour
    • AVG. $70,000+ Year!
    • 40+ Hours Weekly (discussed at interview) 
    • PTO and Vacation (after 6 months) 
    • Bonuses (years-end and quarterly)
    • Holiday PTO (given)
    • ADP Direct Deposit Weekly (this is a W2 position)
    • Retirement Plan (given) 

Application Instructions

Please submit your resume and application by filling out the form below or mailing to:

Majestic Home Solutions LLC
977 East 14 Mile
Troy, MI. 48083

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