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Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Kitchen

Thursday, July 2, 2020

1.  Stick to Your Budget.

This tip is an obvious one. It is often the main concern for homeowners but is come across too often. A good rule of thumb is to deem what is necessary for splurging, come in a little bit under budget. This will cover you later on if you decided you need a change order and if not will give you extra cushion for nice decor, like new bar stools or couches!


2.  Always Get Professional Help.

Always value of professional opinions, and do your due diligence when making big renovation decisions. Designers are here to help and make selections easier on you! Our team will give you a solid running base several complimentary design hours already built into your contract. If you need more assistance, you can get it with additional hours at cost. 


3.  Choose Timeless Over Trending.

Browsing social media and Pinterest is a great idea to source fresh ideas and inspiration, however don't discount your own style or timeless designs for what all the fashion or home design bloggers are doing. Let your kitchen reflect your own uniqueness!


4.  Remember to Integrate Power Sources.

If your kitchen is the main hub or hangout of your house be sure that you have plenty of integrated power outlets for not only your kitchen appliances but phones and laptops. 


5.  Splurge on Integrated Cabinet Storage.

Planning a kitchen remodel gives you power to create something entirely new. Incorporate forms of storage into your cabinets like a knife block drawer, a spice drawer insert, or peg drawer that will allow you to neatly stow multiple sizes of plates or bowls in one large pullout drawer. 


6.  Consider a Few Different Layouts.

Our designers are dedicated to creating a gorgeous home for you to live in! Make sure to have open conversations with your contractor from the get go. At your measuring and estimate, let them know what you think and ask what options will suit your space best. 


7.  Emphasize on the Island's Main Functions.

Does your family use the kitchen island for entertaining, only food prep, homework zone, and/or eat all meals there? It's important to tailor your kitchen around your most important functions there. You'll have to decide what type of island is appropriate from there. If you often work on our laptop at the counter, make sure to include convenient electrical outlets. Or if you're usually making large meals, a second sink would be a helpful addition to the island. 


8.  Jump on the Opportunity to Upgrade or Double up Appliances.

Now that you are going to reconfigure your kitchen layout, why not upgrade? Industrial sized fridges are extremely popular in today's kitchen designs and are a great way to accomedate to your growing or already large fmaily. Also fairly common is 


9.  Pick Colors and Textures That Complement the Size and Location. 

Make sure that you are taking into consideration what kind of light you will have at certain times of the day. Your wall paint should not distract or take away from the overall appearance and design of your kitchen!

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