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Make Your Basement Family Friendly

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


If you have a family or are expecting, it is a great time for you to start a basement remodel! Your kids will love the extra space to play without strewing all their toys around your living room upstairs.  A finished basement will be a great place for the family to bond. Majestic Home Solutions has gotten quite creative with clients in the past in designing a unique area for their kids to enjoy! Basement playrooms are perfect for the days you prefer uninterrupted company, rainy days, and give them an extra special place to have play dates and sleepovers.


The traditional option is a standard playroom. If you choose to go with an open floor plan, the kids can have their own corner next to the living space or entertainment center and couch. Keep the space nice and open with custom shallow shelving on the walls to store their Lego's and stuffed animals nicely.  Better yet, we can create cabinet drawers that sit flush with the wall and are backed by a storage or multipurpose room.  That way, their belongings will be stowed away lovingly and fashionably.


A very popular option is a kid’s playhouse hidden underneath oe behind the stairs! We love this design time and time again, as every customer seems to put their own personal touch on it. Some people choose to have this be a minituare doorway, or sometimes a ‘hidden door’ where only the kids can enter! When the secret entryway opens, you can see it connected to a full-sized playroom by another small doorway. This will surely make your kiddos feel like they are entering their own world to play in! Others have turned it into a reading nook, and others have made a tiny shingled roof with a doorknob, porch light and all. One customer even built in a slide coming out of the staircase. Give your kids a proper place to explore their imaginations!

But don’t worry - there’s still room for the adults! While it’s nice to give your kids an extra special place they will love, it doesn’t have to be all about them. An entertainment center will be a great spot for everyone to enjoy together and bond as a family. Definitely consider adding a small kitchen area and bar. That way carrot sticks and juice boxes can be prepared by day, and by night so can bottles of wine and cheeseboards!  Majestic Home Solutions builds custom wine cellars and cabinets that can of course feature locks to keep your nosey toddlers out and protect your sauvignons.

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