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How to Pick the Best Vanity Lighting for Your Basement Bathroom

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Converting your basement from a damp and cluttered dump space into a functional bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Since the basement will most probably be quite spacious, you will have to go with a sizable vanity to complement the décor and put the room into good use. Your big vanity will need good lighting to convert it into the space you desire.

Your basement is naturally dark and dingy since it has little or no windows to let in the sunlight. Consequently, you need perfect lighting that not only mimics the daylight you are missing but also looks great and is soft to your eyes.

Make the Design Blend with Your Kitchen Décor

If you had someone model your bathroom on interior design software, you might have a very accurate picture of how your basement bathroom will look like when done. In this case, you can choose vanity lights that complement other fixtures in the bathroom. For instance, polished nickel and chrome finishes will look great with brushed fixtures and bath fixtures.

Another great way to choose the right vanity lighting design is by browsing through finished demo bathrooms and picking what the designers did on their vanity area.

The Vanity Light Design Echoes Your Bathroom’s Design

This is the trickiest but fun part. Choose lighting that blends with your personality and the bathroom’s overall theme.

  • A big luxurious bathroom will draw some class from traditional bath lighting
  • If you are looking for a sleek modern look, go with contemporary minimalist lighting
  • If you are in between, go for transitional styles that are a blend of ornate traditional and sleek modern

The Right Shading

Your vanity lights must have the right shading such that they convert the bare bulb’s light into a soft but usable glow that makes everything bright enough to see but doesn’t hurt your eyes. Opal or frosted glass is the best solution here.

Moreover, since your basement bathroom lights will run for longer than in a traditional upstairs bathroom with wide windows, you should look for LED or compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs not only have a longer lifespan but consume less power and will last longer despite the heavy use.

Getting the Lighting Size and Number Right

There are two ways to making your vanity lighting bright enough:

  • Going for bigger and brighter lights
  • Using multiple layered lights

A single brighter light, though practical, goes against what we’ve been trying to achieve now. We don’t one bright source for all the light. It can cast eerie shadows and even be glaring at times. Layering your lights would a better solution for your vanity and bathroom lighting in general.

Bath light bars are the most popular vanity lights that subscribe to the layered design approach. Four light versions will be better. Just remember to keep the light bar shorter than your vanity’s width. Mounting the lights high off the floor will also give the light a chance to diffuse and soften up before it hits the working surface.

An alternative would be sconces to the sides of the mirror. If these are not bright enough, use them in conjunction with the light bar.

Choosing the right lights for your basement bathroom vanity gives you a chance to add some life into an otherwise dark place.

However, you can invest in decorative mirrors and bright surfaces to increase the bathroom’s reflective index and cut down on how much you need to keep your bathroom well lit. If you need assistance with your basement remodeling project, contact Majestic Home Solutions today.

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