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Project Manager

Project Management Description:

At Majestic Home Solutions our definition of a project manager is the planning and execution of active projects that are overseen by that project manager. Our project manager's also have a full understand of organizational management , interpersonal relationships, process management, continuous improvement, budgeting/Job-costing, and remodeling work. At Majestic, our project manager's must be tech savvy and be able to utilize resources to ensure the company stays profitable.

Project Management Overview:

Our project management team is currently trying to build a better system to operate day to day operations in the field at Majestic Home Solutions. Project managers must have an entrepreneurial thinking mind. Our project management team currently is using Buildertrend project management program. Coming into this position, our leadership team will be expecting confidence and understanding that this position steers the performance of field operations.

Project Management Qualifications:

  • 15 Years of Remodeling
    • At least 7 years in the field remodeling finished basements, kitchens, and bathrooms
  • 7-10 Years of Project Management
    • Looking for someone that has been in the project management position before and can run $500,000.00 - 750,000.00 worth of work at a single time. (For us that is 7-15 jobs.)
  • Excellent Troubleshooting Skills
    • Project managers should Know how to find errors in the field based off the Michigan residential building code book and codes for electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Overall craftsmanship/cleanliness at a project as well.
  • Organizational Management
    • Understand how and where to place workers in the field.
  • Interpersonal Relationship
    • Not only with clients, but the in-house team, vendors, and subcontractors. (Everyone)
  • Process Management
    • Being able to keep a process operating and ensuring deadlines are met. Timing is everything so working with clients and workers to ensure we stay on schedule is critical.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Ensure that the project manager's are continually trying to improve their system. This means pushing to close deadlines sooner, higher quality craftsmanship, raise profit margins, team building, process improvement, and much more.
  • Exoerience using Buildertrend (or similar project management program)
    • We want to know during your time being a project manager that you have work with Buildertrend or similar.
    • Must understand how it operates and how to communicate effectively.
  • Budgeting and Job-Costing
    • Be able to break down the numbers and understand how to drive as much profit out of the estimate based on resources. This includes developing a plan and timeline of completion. Setting goals and expectation to ensure the budget fall on or below what was estimated. Project Managers must be able to use Microsoft Excel, Access or similar programs. Project Manager must understand how equations work, how to make a presentation and professional document that is easy to read.

Wages and Compensation:

Discussed at interview.

Application Instructions

Please submit your resume and application by filling out the form below or mailing to:

Majestic Home Solutions LLC
977 East 14 Mile
Troy, MI. 48083

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