Interior Painting

Moving into a new home soon? Have a great room that's ten times the size of you? Remodeling or renovating your existing room/home? If you've answered ‘Yes' to any of these questions, then there is a good chance that you'll be wanting a fresh coat of paint some time or another, possibly even in more than one room. As one prepares to paint, dozens of questions can go soaring through his/her head: Will this match my furniture? How much paint will be enough paint? Should I prime before I paint? Should I use ‘Off-White,' ‘White-White,' or just plain ‘White?' Don't worry, put the paint brushes down and let the professionals at Majestic Home Solutions do all the work for you. We can deliver a fresh paint coat that not only matches all your furniture, but is a color and texture that you'll be able to love and enjoy each and every day.

With over 20 years of experience, Majestic Home Solutions is your first choice for Interior Paint Jobs. We make sure to work closely with you, find out your ideas and aspirations, and hire the correct design team for the job. We're willing to make suggestions if you're open to them, and we promise to keep you informed 100% of the time throughout the remodeling project. We won't be satisfied with your finished product unless you are, so you can trust the team here at Majestic Home Solutions to get the job done right.

No matter what the occasion is for the paint, Majestic Home Solutions promises to get the job done right with the color and texture you want, in a timely manner. We understand and even preach that color choices are able to make or break a room's design and atmosphere; don't let your newly decorated room turn into a flop, let the professionals at Majestic Home Solutions deliver a custom paint job that you love and deserve. We take all the precautionary measures necessary to ensure all furniture, floors, windows, moldings, light fixtures, ceiling devices, and electrical covers are safe and protected throughout the painting process. We also ensure that all walls are properly prepped and ready for a fresh new coat of paint, and the best quality paint within your budget is applied.

Majestic Home Solutions is a local, friendly, and hard-working company dedicated to providing you with the renovations of your dreams. We are, and have always been proud of the craftsmanship and quality work we provide, and are happy to extend that work on to you. By meeting all state and local building codes, beating or matching all competitor's prices, and offering a lifetime warranty on all labor put into your project, we're the only contractor to call.

Call today for your FREE Interior Painting Consultation at 866-529-3099. Majestic Home Solutions – Southeast Michigan's Contractor of Choice.